Cake Care

Before leaving the bakery, please look it over carefully to make sure all details and spelling are correct.  Minor corrections can be made before you leave.

Once your cake leaves our care, we are no longer responsible for any damages that occur, in transport or in your home.  If you have specific questions about the care of your details, please ask.  

Place both hands under the board of your cake to distribute the weight evenly when carrying.  The corrugated cake boards can flex if not fully supported, causing the cake to bend slightly and crack the buttercream or fondant.

Be careful not to squeeze the sides of the box into your cake.

Please arrive in a vehicle with space large enough to carry your custom cake.

Large custom cakes may not include a box for transport or may be in an open box without a lid.

Place cakes in the flattest part of your vehicle: floorboard or SUV flat bed space is best. Your seats are not a good location because they are usually sloped.

Be sure items are not stacked around your cake that can fall or slide into your box.

Be sure your cake is not near a floorboard heater or in direct sunlight.  Cakes need to stay below 65 degrees to avoid melting.  Never leave them in an un-air-conditioned car or in direct sunlight through glass.

Go directly to your cake’s final destination. 

Once cake is set up, keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid windows. It is best not to place your cake on the west side of a windowed building or pavilion where the setting sun might hit it later in the day or warm up that side of the building.

Chocolate and fondant should not be refrigerated or frozen for long periods of time. They draw moisture in the cool conditions of the refrigerator, causing condensation and drippiness.