Sugar Cookie Decorating

Want to get creative with some cookie decorating? Pick up everything you need and learn some tips and tricks as you decorate along with our instructional video!  Save the trouble of sourcing ingredients and rolling out the cookies and skip right to the fun part: Each $45 kit comes with a dozen cookies, 4 different colors of frosting in pre-packed piping bags, and decorative sprinkles. Order your supplies kit with the form below or by calling/texting/emailing [email protected] or 240-284-6523

Order for Pickup/Delivery
We\'re open for curbside pickup every day except Monday, 10am-7pm at 8218 Wisconsin Avenue. Text or call as you\'re pulling up and we\'ll put your items on our curbside table with your name on them--no need to park or come inside!
We can provide delivery for a minimum $30 order, within 30 minutes of the bakery. If you would like your order delivered please indicate your address and when you need it by:

Some items may not be in stock, and if so we will be in touch to reschedule or arrange an alternative item. Custom items can be baked with 48 hours notice 🙂

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